Wildcrafted Jewelweed Juice Tincture for Poison Ivy Rash


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This is a tincture that I made from Jewelweed that I personally foraged. It is a combination of alcohol(~20%) and fresh juices and oils from the leaves and stems. Many jewelweed products available contain the dried leaves infused in oil, this is good but one of the best ways to use it is to take the fresh stalks and leaves, crush them very well and rub the juices on the skin. I thought it would be beneficial to preserve the fresh juices of the plant as well as the natural oils from the leaves. This preparation is much closer to applying fresh jewelweed onto the skin.

Many people have has success using the juice from jewelweed on their skin where they were touched by poison ivy or oak. If used before a rash occurs, especially within a few hrs, it is possible to prevent a rash from occurring altogether, or help prevent as serious of a rash. It can also be applied to rashes after they occur to help quicken the healing. I would not recommend putting the tincture directly onto open wounds. If the rash is open, blistering, or bloody, I would avoid using this because the alcohol may actually slow down the healing at that point. I would try to use it before a rash, or when the rash first shows up and is very mild before blistering,

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