Amanita Regalis Tincture with Wildcraft Milk Thistle Seed 10ml


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This is a very potent tincture of the Amanita Regalis Mushroom, also known as the Royal Fly Agaric. It is extracted in 40% alcohol. I can not give direction for use. I can say that it helps me with pain if used topically, on my back, joints, and shoulders. I also take a little before bed to help me sleep, or a drop in the morning to help with anxiety or mindfulness. I start with only a drop of tincture, and work up over time. This is a very strong mushroom, about 8x stronger than Amanita Muscaria in terms of its relative Ibotenic Acid and Muscimol content. I do not encourage anyone to injest this unless they are farmilliar and well researched in the muscaroid Fly Agarics, but instead would consider topical application. I added the wildcrafted milk thistle seed at an equal ratio to the mushroom to balance out the high potency. Many people have successfully used milk thistle to help protect and heal the organs. The Amanita Regalis is actually believed to contain a lower level of Muscarine than the red/yellow Amanita Muscaria, muscarine being a toxic molecule, but only in A. Muscaria in very micro levels. This may make Regalis a better option for some people interested in using the Fly Agaric and Muscaroid Fungi.

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