Amanita Pantherina Tincture with Wild Milk Thistle Seed 10ml


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This tincture is an alcohol based extract of Amanita Pantherina. Amanita Pantherina is a muscaroid fungi with higher levels of the alkaloids Ibotenic Acid and Miscomol than the more common Amanita Muscaria. It ca be over 4 times more potent depending on the mushroom as concentration varies from mushroom to mushroom. I infused Wild Crafted Milk Thistle Seed into it. Milk Thistle helps to protect and heal the organs. There are NO Amatoxins in Amanita Muscaria, Regais, or Pantherina, but I did this as a precaution because of the potency of this mushroom. The alcohol concentration is 40%. I do not recommend internal use due to legal reasons. It is “not intended for internal use”, but I take this internally along with many other people. It can be great for topical application of pain, but I won’t make a claim that it will definitely take the pain away. It helps me before stretching and exercising as well as it loosens my muscles and relieves pain. Research more on Amanita Pantherina uses, both internal and external and decide for yourself the best way to use this extract.

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