Theres a Self Destructive Lie Machine that Runs on Slaves and Gasoline. Should we take it apart one bolt at a time, or throw it into gods furnace to be remelted into a reflection of the divine

There is a machine it’s runs on slaves and gasoline. The monster thrives on sacred lives and preys on children fresh from the womb. From the moment of conception, are the parents a pure reflection, will there be a divided sea, and passed along inner slavery. We don’t even think about it, it happens all the time, we watch our parents eat for pleasure learning food is not divine. From our friends and from our self, we hear is all the time, we learn to use our time to build our ego with gods mind. We think a bunch of lines and seem divided in the mind. Until there came a time when the heart took over mind. We lost all sense of time, we saw through all the lines, no longer are we blind, reunited with divine. Our action comes from heart no longer in the dark.

We are free to continue in the dark and corrupt our mind and heart, or be a light through day or night, even in danger or the face of “death”. Death exists only for the “onlooker” of the being who “died”, it’s just an optical illusion. It’s because of our perspective. It’s like light casting a shadow on a wall. We can look at the shadow, the side of the object turned away from the light, or the side receiving the light that is causing the shadow, or look into the source of the light.



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