Conflicts Learned from and Laughed at

By Lunar Butterfly

     The things we go through are actually completely weightless when the realization sets in that these difficulties are just lessons meant to be learned from and laughed at. You don’t have to be angry or traumatized, even right after an incident just happened. It is possible and practicable to learn from an accident, laugh about it, then move on all without undergoing the process of grief. Humans are taught at a young age that there must be a highly negative emotional reaction to unwanted, unforeseen events. But must there? Are highly negative emotional reactions like sadness and anger necessary after possibly traumatic events?

     Parents teach their kids that these negative reactions are necessary because their parents taught them that they were necessary and so did many generations before.  Yet, sadness and anger are shown to be unhealthy emotional responses. So really our sadness and anger are another harmful tradition humans refuse to let go of. It turns out many generations have been misled and blindly reacting in ways that put them in uncomfortable and unhappy states of mind. If an unhappy state of mind is the consequence of a highly negative emotional reaction, they are a self-inflicted consequence. Believe it or not, everyone has total control over their emotions and reactions to an incident, we’re just not taught that directly. People say “one day you’ll laugh about it”, well why not the day it happened? Why not the second after? People say they have a right to be sad for at least a little bit of time after, but do you want to be?  A much better alternative is to laugh and while some may find it untraditional, laughter is a very traditional medicine. These are some of the earliest recorded jokes shows that irony and self-deprecating humor have always existed in some form:

An inhabitant of Perugia was going along the streets, wrapped in thought and melancholy, and, being met by someone who enquired the motive of his concern, replied that he owed money which he could not pay. The man responded, “Leave that anxiety to your creditor.” ( Medieval Jokes) 

Wishing to teach his donkey not to eat, a pedant did not offer him any food. When the donkey died of hunger, he said “I’ve had a great loss. Just when he had learned not to eat, he died.” (“Papyrus from the Instruction of Ankhsheshonqy”. British Museum. “10 Oldest Jokes Ever Told.”)

“An envious landlord sees how happy his tenants are. So he evicts them all.” (Rheenen 15 Jokes From the World’s Oldest Jokebook)

     I won’t explain the jokes because some say it ruins it, but if you can’t make rent (I’ve been there) laugh about it and take these jokes to your landlord, maybe they’ll laugh and extend your rent. If they don’t like it, send friends this article and maybe it will generate a lot of traffic then revenue and we’ll help you make rent. 

     Considering the humor in any situation allows perspective to shift and the illogical patterns in either parties argument is revealed. So not only does laughing feel better than sadness and anger, it also offers solutions to the problems that made you sad or angry. 


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